‘Festa della Madonna della Salute’ in Venice

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Every year on 21st November, Venice, the city of art and culture, rich of traditions and folkloristic events, celebrates the “Festa della Madonna della Salute”.

The event is celebrated with joy by all the city’s inhabitants, who every year are grateful to Madonna della Salute for having stopped that awful plague which in 1630 struck the entire Venice.

In that year in fact, when everything seemed to be lost because of the dramatic disease-spreading, the Venetians decided to build a church to dedicate to Madonna, to ask her to intercede so that stopped the epidemic. It really seems that Venetians were pleased, therefore from then on, every year the whole city gives thanks for the received grace, and takes to the streets to celebrate.

Every year on 21st November, the streets which surround the Basilica switch on with bright colored lights and are inundated with the smell of cakes, and in addition, to delight the children, many peculiar stands full of toys, wax candles and sweets are set up.

Until recently, Festa della Madonna della Salute was not so renowned by Italian and foreign tourists. By the way, there is to say that in the last years the event is obtaining a great success, most of all between people who comes from every corner of the world, tourists captured by Venice‘ beauty…city which becomes even more beautiful and suggestive when festivity is in the air!

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