“Tuscany Feast” 2008

On Sunday 30th November, the whole Tuscany celebrates the anniversary of death penalty’s abolition.

“Tuscany Feast” is a typical and usual appointment which joins the participation of all citizens and the Region of Tuscany institutions.

The origins of this feast date back to a legislative bill, to be more precise, the Penal Reform promulgated on 30th November 1786 by Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Lorraine. With this reform, Tuscany put an end to the capital punishment, and marked an important moment of civility which would have changed its history forever.

Tuscany in fact, thanks to Leopoldina Reform, was the first sovereign state to officially abolish the death penalty, and for centuries in all municipalities of the region, people wanted to celebrate that day in memory of a significant chapter in civil rights’ history.

However, only in 2000 Tuscany’s regional authorities made this celebration an official annual holiday; in fact, the first “Tuscany Feast” dates back to 30th November of that year. On that occasion, just to confirm the “no” to the death penalty and to refuse entire centuries of inhuman acts, at Piazza della Signoria took place the fire of the gallows and of ancient instruments used for torture.

Moreover, the city council of Florence decided to place in the courtyard of Dogana di Palazzo Vecchio a commemorative marble plaque, with the reproduction of a text on its surface, which was published immediately after the emanation of the act against the death penalty.

Tuscany Feast is also commemorated on this day by all the municipalities of the region, with a calendar rich of events, such as concerts, meetings, conventions, conferences, exhibitions, festivals and many more activities. In addition, on each edition, the event presents a main theme, which this year will be “Costruire il lavoro” (“Building the work”) developed in a series of initiatives which will involve both citizens and institutions.

On 30th November the city of Florence presents Family Run, a non-competitive run dedicated to adults and children, organized with the cooperation of Firenze Marathon on the occasion of the Marathon of Florence. Now on its 25th edition, it is the greatest run in Tuscany, and with its 42 Km, oversteps the most suggestive places of the city, from Piazza Duomo to Piazza della Signoria, to Ponte Vecchio.

And also events in Pisa, Lucca, Siena…So, all together for Tuscany Feast 2008!

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