Month: December 2008

Kisses from Venice! No, it’s not a postcard! It’s the New Year’s Eve Love 2009

Venice doesn’t lose its charm and proves itself again to be the city of lovers par excellence. Yes, because after the great success of last year, which gathered in a square 70,000 people under a sky of sparkling hearts, the New Year’s Eve entirely dedicated to love comes back with Love 2009!


Once again in fact, Venice invites all the people in love who come from all over the world to an appointment absolutely not to miss, the most beautiful and original Italian New Year’s Eve celebration!


On 31st December 2008 from 22 pm on, the amazing Piazza San Marco will be the nucleus of the Venetian night of Saint Sylvester, a night rich of surprises, in the pursuit of love and affection, and a beginning of the new year beat by the sweet and crackling sound of kisses of the thousands lovers from every corner of the world who

The Museum is not a Drag

In Milan “Il Museo non è una palla” (“The Museum is not a drag”)…no, I’m not making fun of you, this is just the title of the great review of events which the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci of Milan offers for Christmas.

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Continuously from 20th December until 6th January, the museum will turn into a book of history and science, which will have all the answers to all curious people’ questions.

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Of course, the chapters of this book are the numerous initiatives in the works; a rich calendar full of activities, exhibitions and events in fact will lead you in the pursuit of the secrets of important scientific and technological studies and researches.

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The events have been subdivided according to the theme in order to

Macchiaioli Painters and Photography: the History of Art exposed at Museo Alinari of Florence

The whole year, which is coming to an end, has shown as absolute protagonist of Florence painting universe, Giovanni Fattori, undisputed master of the Italian Macchiaioli.

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Four different exhibitions have been organized in honor of this great artist, four exhibitions which have shown the public hundreds of significant and exceptionally beautiful artworks, some of which have been subject of an exhibition for the first time.

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In fact, after “Fattori and Naturalism in Tuscany”, “The places of Giovanni Fattori” and “The other side of the soul. Portraits of Giovanni Fattori”, in the Museo Alinari halls of Florence, the extraordinary exhibition “Macchiaioli Painters and Photography” has just come and it will last until 15th February 2009.

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The event will exhibit about 200 artworks among pictures and photographs, and it is organized in order to lead visitors through an artistic and historical itinerary, created by pictures and eternally captured in photographs.  The last exhibition in chronological order, but surely not least as regarding importance, it entirely faces the theme of the relationship between the painting of the greatest representatives of Macchiaioli movement and

Merry Christmas…in Rome!

As many people know, Christmas is a really important and significant day in every region of our country. Everyone hurries up for buying presents, the cities shine brightly with their gleaming lights, and there are Christmas trees everywhere, but in particular the Italian city of Christmas is…Rome!

Rome is so beautiful that it’s always difficult to stay far from it, but with the Coliseum covered by shining lights and brilliant and colored decorations…well, it’s an unmissable spectacle.

Therefore, if you haven’t seen Rome yet or you would like to go to once again, Christmas time is the perfect period, also because the city is cheerful, festive and most of all on the occasion of this festivity, many events are organized such as concerts, markets and festivals.

This year, “Natale all’ Auditorium” (“Christmas at Auditorium”) and the traditional “Mercatino di Natale in Piazza Navona” (“Christmas market in Navona Square”) will make Christmas Rome a special Christmas.

“Natale all’ Auditorium” is a festival organized by Fondazione Musica per Roma at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, which for a month, from 6th December to 6th January, will

Lucca pays homage to Pompeo Batoni, the Grand Tour’s Portraitist

Lucca, one of the most beautiful cities in Versilia, dedicates an exhibition to a great Italian 18th century artist: “Pompeo Batoni l’Europa delle Corti e il Grand Tour” (“Pompeo Batoni, Europe with its Courts and the Grand Tour”).

Organized to celebrate the 300th anniversary since the artist’s birth, the exhibition has been inaugurated the last 6th December, and the picturesque rooms of Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) of Lucca will house it until 29th March 2009.

With this exhibition, the entire artistic itinerary of Pompeo Batoni will be retraced, with a path which is branched into 100 artworks belonging to some European and American public and private collections, testimony of the great artistic sensibility of this painter, who