If Milan 2015 is Expo…the Christmas Milan is “Oh Bej Oh Bej”

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Once a year, on 7th December the city of Milan is proud to celebrate the day dedicated to its patron saint who is Saint Ambrose, called by Milan’s citizens “Sant’Ambrös”!

Saint Ambrose Day has really ancient origins and through the years it has been keeping the affection and the participation of all Milan’s inhabitants, who between the ritual mass of 7th December in the beautiful Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio and the stalls of “Oh bej oh bej” fair, cram the streets of the city to celebrate this great event.

The fair, which dates back to 1288, takes its name from the exclamation of Milan’s children who, between the stalls full of toys and sweets, couldn’t help marveling and shouted “Oh bej oh bej” (that it means “Oh, how nice! How nice!”).

Usually this event, which is a real festival of colours, lights and fragrances, lasts for 3 busy and intense days which see the involvement of Milan’s people and not, and also the return of people from Milan who now live elsewhere.

Well, it’s strange to see how this city, industrial emblem of our country, now under the world’s spotlight for the next Expo of 2015, is so dearly attached to its roots and traditions.

Milan shows in this way its double soul: one made of evolution and economic and political progress, and the other one which is tender and playful, where people take to the streets to celebrate with children its patron saint.

This is the city of Milan and much more… if you would like to have more information, visit our website entirely dedicated to the city!

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