Lucca pays homage to Pompeo Batoni, the Grand Tour’s Portraitist

Lucca, one of the most beautiful cities in Versilia, dedicates an exhibition to a great Italian 18th century artist: “Pompeo Batoni l’Europa delle Corti e il Grand Tour” (“Pompeo Batoni, Europe with its Courts and the Grand Tour”).

Organized to celebrate the 300th anniversary since the artist’s birth, the exhibition has been inaugurated the last 6th December, and the picturesque rooms of Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) of Lucca will house it until 29th March 2009.

With this exhibition, the entire artistic itinerary of Pompeo Batoni will be retraced, with a path which is branched into 100 artworks belonging to some European and American public and private collections, testimony of the great artistic sensibility of this painter, who contributed to make the Italian 18th century one of the most fervent and internationally renowned artistic periods in history.

Batoni was born in Lucca in 1708, and when he was still a young boy decided to move to Rome, where undertook his professional training and started making a name for himself as a prestigious artist.

And it was just during those years in Rome that Pompeo Batoni began his lucky activity of portraitist. In fact, he was in charge of portraying the European aristocratic class’ faces, especially the English ones, who went to Rome during the Grand Tour, a long touristic journey which the most important representatives of European aristocracy made to visit the Old Continent’s treasures.

And it’s just this master craftsmanship in making portraits which represents the exhibition’s main theme, the skill which made Batoni an international artist, bringing his artworks in the halls of the most charming and beautiful European courts.

The city of Lucca pays homage to this great artist who made tracks of Italian tradition and artistic sensibility in every corner of Europe.

“Pompeo Batoni l’Europa delle Corti e il Grand Tour” is waiting for you until 29th March 2009 at Doge’s Palace of Lucca…The exhibition is suggestive and interesting, but most of all is a good opportunity to visit Lucca and the whole Versilia!

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