Merry Christmas…in Rome!

As many people know, Christmas is a really important and significant day in every region of our country. Everyone hurries up for buying presents, the cities shine brightly with their gleaming lights, and there are Christmas trees everywhere, but in particular the Italian city of Christmas is…Rome!

Rome is so beautiful that it’s always difficult to stay far from it, but with the Coliseum covered by shining lights and brilliant and colored decorations…well, it’s an unmissable spectacle.

Therefore, if you haven’t seen Rome yet or you would like to go to once again, Christmas time is the perfect period, also because the city is cheerful, festive and most of all on the occasion of this festivity, many events are organized such as concerts, markets and festivals.

This year, “Natale all’ Auditorium” (“Christmas at Auditorium”) and the traditional “Mercatino di Natale in Piazza Navona” (“Christmas market in Navona Square”) will make Christmas Rome a special Christmas.

“Natale all’ Auditorium” is a festival organized by Fondazione Musica per Roma at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, which for a month, from 6th December to 6th January, will bring you in a journey of music, theatre, dance and literature.

Concerts, ballets on ice and shows of every sort for a Christmas in the pursuit of entertainment. Not to miss during your Natale all’ Auditorium, is the Festival Gospel, which from 22nd December to 1st January, will bring in Italy the greatest gospel voices from the States.

But Christmas in the Italian capital, as I just said, doesn’t end here…Yes, because Piazza Navona, as every year, from 8th December to 6th January, houses a characteristic Christmas Market, which presents as unquestioning protagonist the Befana (the old kind woman who brings gifts on the day of the Epiphany).

In fact, among the many sweets and candies stalls, handcrafted products and the usual Christmas bits and pieces, you will find puppets, little statues or anything else that represents the Befana depending on the different habits and customs of Italian tradition.

This is only a little piece of what Rome can offer for your Christmas… so, if you are interested in allow yourself a wonderful Christmas week-end in the Italian capital and you want to know more detailed information about the historic and artistic treasures of the city, events, and useful services, visit our website

In the meantime…Merry Christmas to Everyone!

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