Month: January 2009

Genius and Madness create the real Artwork


An exhibition entirely dedicated to the greatest protagonists of the international scenery of modern and contemporary art will start on 31st January. The exhibition, entitled “Art, Genius and Madness. Artist’s Day and Night” will be housed at Santa Maria della Scala Museum Complex, in the wonderful city of Siena.

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This event, just for its title, promises a really special exhibition path, with no doubt absolutely different from the others until now proposed in Italy. The heart of the exhibition will be represented by 300 beautiful works among sculptures and paintings, carefully chosen for their emotional intensity of colours and shapes. These artworks will have the duty to tell us about the suspected relationship, documented from time immemorial, between genius and madness, between inimitable artistic talent and mental uneasiness.

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Divided into 8 sections, the exhibition intends to research and inquire into the artwork and the relationship with its creator from different points of view: artistic, scientific, anthropological or psychiatric. 300 artworks of


After Ten Years “Madonna del Cardellino” by Raffaello on Exhibition in Florence

Some time ago, I was walking through the streets of Florence, precisely in via Cavour, when I suddenly saw a huge poster on which there was one of the most beautiful artworks that I ever seen in my life: it was just “Madonna del Cardellino” (1506) by Raffaello.

The “huge poster”, just as I said, was the manifest of an extraordinary exhibition housed until 1st March at Palazzo Medici Ricciardi in Florence: “L’Amore , l’Arte e la Grazia. Raffaello. La Madonna del Cardellino Restaurata” (“Love, Art and Grace – Raphael: the Madonna of the Goldfinch restored”).

The “Madonna del Cardellino” shows the Madonna sitting on a rock while she’s reading a book, from which turns away just for a while to take a look at Jesus and Saint John, still children, while they are playing with a goldfinch.

Therefore, this artwork has a religious background, but

From Psychoanalysis to Art. Artworks on Display in Siena

Still a month before the closure of one of the most interesting and particular exhibitions open in 2008, “La Lente di Freud. Una Galleria dell’inconscio” (“The Lens of Freud. A Gallery of Unconscious”).

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The event, on display in the amazing halls of Museum Complex Santa Maria della Scala in Siena, suggests an artistic itinerary in a class by itself, analyzing an accurate selection of about 200 artworks (among watercolors, India ink drawings, woodcuts and etchings), in the psychoanalytic movement introduced by Freud.

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The exhibition suggests a new way to look at the artwork and to the artist through the Lens of Freud. The artworks speak, explain on their own the cultural and anthropological content that produced them, and invite the exhibition’s visitors to a new interpretation.

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Freud, the philosopher universally recognized as the father of Psychoanalysis, was in fact the first to

Chocolate Lessons in Florence!

Many people talk about it in many different ways: some people say that it causes addiction, or pimples on the face, or that eating it too much can be bad for our health. But not very often people say that it’s a great power source, that benefits to heart, to mood, and obviously to love! Who am I talking about? Chocolate!!!

And from 22nd to 25th January, in Florence people will not talk about anything else, seeing that the greatest Handmade Chocolate Fair in Italy is starting just right now.

Piazza Santa Croce during the next days will turn into a huge box of chocolate candies, bars and sculptures, thanks to the participation of the best Italian masters of chocolate. At Chocolate Fair, now on its 5th edition, you will find

The Universe in Rome…Science Festival !

2009 will be the International Year of Astronomy, and to celebrate this important recurrence, the “Festival of Science”, every year special guest of the amazing city of Rome, dedicates its fourth edition just to Universe.

The festival, which will take place at Auditorium Parco della Musica from 15th to 18th January, will present to all the people keen on science and cosmos, a calendar filled with appointments and events which show as absolute protagonist the universe seen, revisited, studied and interpreted in all its facets.

The event will be at first open by a peculiar exhibition dedicated to works which represent the universe. Glass stellar domes, round skies, and