History reflected on the Murano Glass

Finally in Venice a big exhibition has been organized, dedicated to one of the most important resources of the city: glass.

Until the 1st of May 2009, you will have the chance to admire about 135 works, never shown before, exposed in the incredible scenery of the Glass Museum of Murano. “Ritrovare il Museo: Murano 1797 – 1859” was an idea started with the aim of increasing the value of the art of glass which gave popularity to Murano in the past, by turning the village into one of the most famous and appreciated places in the world. The event consists of a variety of exhibitions which carefully retrace the history of Murano glass, and giving attention to one peculiar historic moment, which was the fall of the San Marco Republic in 1797 when, due to a variety of incursion by foreign countries, a time of deep economic crisis started and big masters of glass working reacted to it with the use of creativity and deep innovations. They took the old working techniques and suited them to the current changing times. As a result, extraordinary beautiful works such as murrine, mosaics and filigree, realized with some kinds of glass which had been before put aside. The works displayed represent direct evidence of the historic events concerning the lands that surround the city of Venice.
So, history of Venice described through accurate works full of creativity. Human’s happenings that live today on the coloured glasses, pots and slabs, such as the gorgeous portrait of Napoleone I, dating back 1808, just to mention the most beautiful of them.

“Ritrovare il Museo: Murano 1797 – 1859″ exhibition is waiting for you inside the Glass Museum’s rooms until the 1st of May 2009. Do not lose the chance to look at works until now hidden to fans and lovers of the extraordinary Murano Glass manufacturing.

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