Chocolate Lessons in Florence!

Posted By: katia on January, 19 2009 in About Italy, Curiosity, Da vedere, Fun, Leisure
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Many people talk about it in many different ways: some people say that it causes addiction, or pimples on the face, or that eating it too much can be bad for our health. But not very often people say that it’s a great power source, that benefits to heart, to mood, and obviously to love! Who am I talking about? Chocolate!!!

And from 22nd to 25th January, in Florence people will not talk about anything else, seeing that the greatest Handmade Chocolate Fair in Italy is starting just right now.

Piazza Santa Croce during the next days will turn into a huge box of chocolate candies, bars and sculptures, thanks to the participation of the best Italian masters of chocolate. At Chocolate Fair, now on its 5th edition, you will find every sort of classical chocolate or the most original dishes made with chocolate, from the antipasto to the dessert!

You will attend a special cooking lesson “Gastronomia molecolare: quando gli scienziati hanno il cappello da chef” (“Molecular gastronomy: when scientists wear the chef hat”) and obviously you will have the chance to attend a special and unique chocolate lesson with “Impara un mestiere, fai il cioccolatiere” (“Learn a job, become a chocolate maker”).

People who don’t like chocolate are really few…but this event could persuade them too!

So, don’t miss the handmade Chocolate Fair from 22nd to 25th January in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence. The event’s four days could be a perfect occasion to visit the wonderful city of art, of monuments and now of chocolate too!

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    Thanks for the info. A pity we dint know about it I will pass your blog onto the person who runs our info point in the Plus Florence Hostel