Month: February 2009

Among Sweet and Salty products, Florence goes crazy for the Town Fairs

In the wake of the carnival which has just ended, Tuscany keeps on celebrating in good taste. Yes, because a competition between Florence and many of the peculiar municipalities in the surroundings has just begun, and the winner will be who will prepare the most bizarre and tastiest gastronomic masterpieces typical of Tuscany traditions.

Scarperia, in the province of Florence, will be the first, in fact it will host the traditional Wild Boar Festival (Sagra del cinghiale), irreplaceable yearly appointment which this year will take place on February 28th, March 1st, 7th, 8th 2009.

At the festival you will find

The Last Samurai at Royal Palace of Milan


In the next few days, Milan will be the protagonist of a really special exhibition: Gli Ultimi Samurai (The Last Samurai).

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In fact, from February 25th to June 2nd, many materials, objects, drawings and accessories all belonging to the legendary world of the Samurai, will be put on display in the halls of the Royal Palace, and they will be very useful to reenact the Edo period of the Japanese history, that is to say the one included between 17th and 19th century.

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This exhibition boasts of the primacy to be the first exhibition in Europe entirely dedicated to the Samurais, myth and legend which from time immemorial fascinated the western world. In addition, besides the loans of the collections of eastern art coming from the Sforza Castle, this exhibition will be enriched with the extraordinary presence of

The Biennial starts again: Theatre Festival of Venice

Once again the Venice Biennale presents its extraordinary session dedicated to the Theatre.


From February 20th to March 8th in fact, the 40th edition of Biennale Theatre will start, a really important event, which every year puts on display in Venice and Mestre some of the most beautiful Italian and foreign theatre operas.

In April, the Biennale Theatre will house the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement award ceremony to Irene Papas, and it will be followed by the performances on stage at Teatro Goldoni and Teatro Toniolo.

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In addition, this year it was decided to let the whole event revolve around


Evolution and Revolution. Rome presents Charles Darwin

For a few days, a really original and peculiar exhibition has been inaugurated at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. A complex exhibition path dedicated to Charles Darwin, the father of the evolutionary theory of the species.

The exhibition is entitled “Darwin 1809-2009″ and it was thought to celebrate this extraordinary scientist 200 years after his birth.

Darwin was the first not to stop in front of the empirical discovery of the evolution of species, he demanded to give an explanation, to tell the reason why all that happened. And after many years dedicated to his studies, he understood that the diversity of nature and of its shapes of life derive from processes in progress for millions of years and which still today are under way.

The exhibition is divided into sections just to give the idea of the historical and social path of the scientist, retracing the several phases of his studies, with writings,

Giorgio de Chirico and his drawings on display in Rome


Until April 19th, at Carlo Bilotti Museum at Aranciera of Villa Borghese, the exhibition dedicated to the great metaphysical genius Giorgio de Chirico is under way.

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This event is part of the wide range of exhibitions organized between 2008 and 2010, entitled “Immortalità a Giorgio de Chirico” (“Immortality for Giorgio de Chirico”), on the occasion of the 120th recurrence after his birth.

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This exhibition is absolutely different from the ones dedicated to the painter until this moment, inasmuch as for the first time there will not be his paintings on display, but his drawings. The exhibition, entitled “La magia della linea. 110 disegni di de Chirico dalla Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico” (“The magic of line. 110 drawings by De Chirico from the Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico”), puts on display a genre which has always been considered subordinate in comparison to painting.

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On the other hand, De Chirico sustained that drawings were an independent genre, with its good reputation and prestige; the line traced on the paper was a free and spontaneous expression of the human soul, able to