Viareggio’s Carnival 2009: the party starts again!

If we talk about emotions, Carnival means joy, fun out of control, lightness and laughs. But if we talk about cities, well…Carnival means Viareggio!

From February 8 on, in fact, Viareggio turns into the city of coloured floats, of the most bizarre costumes and of the funniest and the most entertaining parties.

The Carnival 2009 of Viareggio presents as absolute protagonist, the Burlamacco, the official mask of the Viareggio Carnival which appeared for the first time on the scene in 1930 thanks to Umberto Bonetti. For 78 years now, the Burlamacco is the emblem of Viareggio carnival, and it’s internationally renowned as a real artistic creation embellished by an anthropological preciousness. A sort of fetish image, the Burlamacco, nowadays penetrated with all the emotions and the affection of Viareggio’s citizens and of all the lovers of this wonderful celebration.

The Carnival of Viareggio, amazing as always, this year will be held in 5 days, during which it will be possible to admire the most expected event of the manifestation: the Parade of Floats! On 8th, 15th, 22nd and 24th February and finally on 1st March, Viareggio will turn into a sort of planet of colours, fantasy and fun.

The extraordinary allegorical floats, symbol of Carnival all over the world, will overstep the striking “Viareggio promenade”, perfect scenery for this kind of event.

The floats represent mythological, historical and fantastic personages, but those which most entertain are the ones representing contemporary personages belonging to politics or to the show business, ironically caricatured by the great creators of the floats. I say “great”, because the idea and the creation of the floats is a real artwork made of pure creativity.

Being a float maker is a job which requires workmanship and patience with the use of materials, which only belongs to the high-level float makers masters of Viareggio, renowned and appreciated all over the world. Just for this reason, this year the Burlamacco d’oro (The Golden Burlamacco) will be given to Arnaldo Galli (float maker and creator of the manifesto of Viareggio Carnival 2009), in honour of his extraordinary career.

But the Carnival of Viareggio is not only parades and floats, but a long series of extraordinary events which will make your carnival unforgettable: concerts, dancing events and manifestations which will show famous personages as protagonists, the election of Miss Carnival of Viareggio 2009, and in addition, the several shows organized at Cittadella del Carnevale (Carnival citadel, the seat where all the floats are built).

The Carnival citadel is placed in the plain of Viareggio, in a big town park, where the characters of the floats and the tales told by them, come to life and swamp the city with fantasy and creativity. Therefore, the citadel represents the heart of the Viareggio Carnival, the center of the celebration, but also the place where you will find and visit the float makers’ workshops, and maybe you will have also the chance to take one of the courses about the papier-mâchè workmanship, typical material of floats.

So, if you love the funniest and the most coloured celebration in the world, create your costumes and get ready…It’s Carnival time, and Viareggio celebrates from February 8 on!

For all the information about Viareggio, the History of Carnival and much more, visit our website entirely dedicated to Versilia.

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