Venice Carnival 2009

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Well, here we are… It’s carnival time in Venice! From Saturday February 14th in fact, the celebrations of the famous Venice Carnival will begin, which every year gathers in the city party animals of every age and from all over the world.

Ten days of music, masks and celebrations of any kind, developed in a really rich programme to satisfy adults’ and children’s desires.

The event begins on 14th, with the opening of several exhibitions “Carnevale al Buio 2009” (“Carnival in the dark 2009″), parties “Festa di apertura del carnevale dei bambini” (“Opening party of the children’s carnival”) and in particular tasting itineraries “Fritoin Express“, besides an initiative, conceived for the Valentine’s day, “GLISSSSSSSENDO“, during which the Square of the Carnival will explode in a fantastic and striking show of music, fireworks and the performances of the best European street theatre.

But only on 15th you will have the opportunity to admire the real “inauguration” of Venice Carnival with the renowned and long-expected “Volo dell’Angelo” (“Angel’s Flight”) in Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square). Every year, this event shows a special guest who will come down the Bell Tower of St. Mark Basilica, and will end his/her angelic flight landing on the square. In addition, also this year, the flight will take place together with the historical parade of the Doge and Dogessa.

The show goes on, and on Wednesday 18th you are invited to take part to “I colori dell’aura nel cavalletto del pittore” (“The colours of aura in the easel of the painter”), a really unique initiative with an extraordinary dance show inspired by the world of art.

So, until Tuesday 24th February, the city will be a real forge of events, all different and entertaining, even if nothing is more spectacular than attending the amazing show which St. Mark’s Square offers when is invaded by the beautiful, coloured and extraordinarily polished typical Venetian masks.

Pastel colours, feathers, glittered make up and light and filmy dresses are the characteristics which distinguish the typical costumes of Venice Carnival, which still today, after a long tradition, hasn’t lost its splendor.

So guys, the carnival is coming, and if you feel like celebrating, you can’t absolutely renounce to take part to Venice Carnival 2009.

Just think about how much it can be wonderful to have at your disposal a calendar rich of events and the chance to disguise oneself as only in Venice it is possible, supplemented by the breathtaking scenery of this city.

The Carnival of Venice 2009 awaits you from 14th to 24th February…for all the information about this and many other events, visit our website entirely dedicated to the city!

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