Evolution and Revolution. Rome presents Charles Darwin

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For a few days, a really original and peculiar exhibition has been inaugurated at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. A complex exhibition path dedicated to Charles Darwin, the father of the evolutionary theory of the species.

The exhibition is entitled “Darwin 1809-2009″ and it was thought to celebrate this extraordinary scientist 200 years after his birth.

Darwin was the first not to stop in front of the empirical discovery of the evolution of species, he demanded to give an explanation, to tell the reason why all that happened. And after many years dedicated to his studies, he understood that the diversity of nature and of its shapes of life derive from processes in progress for millions of years and which still today are under way.

The exhibition is divided into sections just to give the idea of the historical and social path of the scientist, retracing the several phases of his studies, with writings, drafts, schemes, researches, but also extraordinary reproductions of natural habitats of the animal species which were protagonists of his studies.

A few words are enough to understand the importance of his discoveries and the meaning and implications which would have subsequently had on everyone’s life.

Most of all, it’s enough to look at the drafts of his schemes, read his theoretical writings, his researches, to realize the revolution which the English scientist was able to provoke, and whose effects continue to go on still today after 150 years after the publication of “Origine delle Specie” (“The Origin of Species”).

This exhibition has already showed its great success with the great participation of people since the first days. In fact it is extraordinarily wonderful to look at the nature and life through the eyes belonging to who changed them, or rather, revolutionized them.

“Darwin 1809-2009″ is under way in Rome at Palazzo delle Esposizioni until May 3rd, and afterwards it will stop over in Milan from June 4th to October 25th.

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