Among Sweet and Salty products, Florence goes crazy for the Town Fairs

In the wake of the carnival which has just ended, Tuscany keeps on celebrating in good taste. Yes, because a competition between Florence and many of the peculiar municipalities in the surroundings has just begun, and the winner will be who will prepare the most bizarre and tastiest gastronomic masterpieces typical of Tuscany traditions.

Scarperia, in the province of Florence, will be the first, in fact it will host the traditional Wild Boar Festival (Sagra del cinghiale), irreplaceable yearly appointment which this year will take place on February 28th, March 1st, 7th, 8th 2009.

At the festival you will find everything it is possible to prepare with the savory and delicious wild boar, and for the most glutton people there will be the tordelli‘s and all Mugello‘s typical products’ taste.

And from the salty products, let’s switch to the sweet ones. An other village fair, this time in Montespertoli, again in the province of Florence, will be the 27th Edition of the Doughnuts and Fritters Festival (Sagra dei Bomboloni e delle Frittelle). The day of March 1st will be entirely dedicated to the preparation and taste of delicious rice fritters and really calorific cream-filled doughnuts, prepared according to the traditional recipe. Anticipating the success confirmation obtained by this event as every year, the town festival will come back also on March 8th and 15th.

But if you feel like tasting a whole menu, enjoying the most famous and typical Tuscan specialties, then you can’t absolutely miss the 13th Street Trimmings Festival (Sagra delle Frattaglie di Strada) in Chianti, in the surroundings of Florence. Dedicated to the preparation and taste of very delicious dishes containing lampredotto (tripe), besides beef-steaks and first courses, this event is certainly the best-able for the most glutton people and the Tuscan cuisine lovers. The town festival awaits you from 6th to 15th March, so, dear Italy foodies, don’t waste your time, leave for Florence and allow a reinvigorating day to your taste buds! :-)

For all the information about the events, accommodation and everything else, consult our websites dedicated to Florence and the Mugello.

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2 Responses to “Among Sweet and Salty products, Florence goes crazy for the Town Fairs”

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    Sounds YUMMY. Wish I was over there! I miss FIRENZE!!!!

  2. 2

    I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.