Month: March 2009

Fashion, Design and Graphic Design Courses in Milan for Summer 2009

In summer 2009, NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) gives to foreign students who wish to have a learning holiday in Italy the possibility to choose among a large variety of prestigious Design Summer Courses, such as: Fashion Design, Styling and Accessories, Fashion Marketing and Merchandising, Fashion Photography and Journalism, Fashion Textiles and Fibres, Interior and Product Design, Landscape Architecture, Lighting Design Studio, Graphic Design, Graphic Art Design for Fashion, Photography and the Moving Image, Theatre Design.

NABA’s way of teaching integrates traditional disciplines of visual representation with the new digital technologies and the critical-project culture of Italian Design. Generally speaking, such courses want to introduce students to the world of fashion, design and graphic design whatever the type of artistic expression. These courses will concentrate

Galileo at Palazzo Strozzi and About Galileo finally online!

“Galileo. Immagini dell’universo dall’antichità al telescopio” (“Galileo. Images of the universe from antiquity to the Telescope”) is the title of the exhibition which Palazzo Strozzi of Florence dedicates to Galileo Galilei.

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The exhibition, under way until 30th August, pays homage to the extraordinary intellectual richness of one of the greatest Italian geniuses ever born here in our country.

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This exhibition is a real time trip which starts from antiquity, with the first mystical and poetical interpretations of the universe mysteries made by Egyptians. In addition, the attention will shift on the first planetary architectures of Greeks, to the first theories about the origins of the universe by Copernico, until the theories and discoveries of the fathers of modern astronomy, Galileo and Keplero, followed by Newton.

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At the exhibition, you will have the chance to marvel at

New Year’s Day once again in Tuscany

Hey guys, what are you gonna do on New Year’s Day?!!! No, I’m not making fun of you, but the fact is that in a few days, here the Tuscan New Year’s Day will be celebrated.

Yes, because every year on 25th March Florence and many other Tuscan towns use to celebrate the New Year’s Day. This because until 1750 in Florence the year began on 25th March, the day of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary.

It was in 1749 that the Grand duke of Lorraine decided to fix the begin of the year in Florence on 1st January, just like in the other countries

This decision provoked much discontent among the Florentines, so timorous to lose forever the tradition which aroused the joy of everyone, who used to celebrate together in the beautiful Piazza Santissima Annunziata.

Unfortunately, for a long time it happened, because the great celebrations of 25th march which make the city full of processions and shows were abandoned… but in 2000, seeing that in some villages someone still kept on following tradition of 25th March celebrations, the Municipality of Florence decided to

The History of Telescopes on display in Turin

This year is the fourth centenary since the first use of a telescope by Galileo Galilei and as many of you maybe already know, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2009 the International Year of Astronomy.

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One of the most active Italian cities which celebrate and commemorate this extraordinary step of mankind toward the sky, is the city of Turin.

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On 21st March in fact, at the University department located in Via Verdi, a very very special exhibition will be set up: “La Storia dei Telescopi” (“The History of Telescopes”). This exhibition will show you in a very peculiar way the history of this invention, from the intuitions and discoveries which allowed to a great mind like Galileo Galilei, until the extraordinary telescopes of NASA which

Ready, Steady…Go! The 15th Marathon of Rome starts

On Monday 22nd March, the 15th edition of the most expected marathon by Italian athletes will start: the Marathon of Rome.

The eternal city in fact, will turn into a road racing itinerary dedicated to the professional athletes coming from every corner of Italy and to all well-trained Rome citizens.

Obviously, the race is divided into two categories, one dedicated to