From Japan to Lucca: Sudoku Italian Championship

On Saturday March 7th, the Real Collegio of Lucca will host the 4th Sudoku Italian Championship.

This particular competition, which for four years now draws the attention and ability of more than 200 participants, is entirely dedicated to the most famous game in the world which from Japan enlarged its horizons and enchanted nearly everybody.

In Summer 2005, the media didn’t stop to talk about it and continuously showed images of people standing under the beach umbrellas only playing Sudoku. People soon began to compete for solving the emblematic little number-based puzzle as soon as possible, and so, there was the idea to organize the first beach tournaments, then become local, regional and finally in a short time, the Italian championships.

The Sudoku is a real brain teaser. Substantially, the resolution dynamics of the game is not so difficult, but it’s entirely based on a numeric matrix, called “latine square”, conceived by the Swiss mathematician Eulero in 18th century.

It’s just a simple square in turn divided into many little empty squares which alternate to other numerated little squares. There are numbers, but there is no need to make calculations, in fact only a good strategic logic is required. Learning is easy but to become a Sudoku champion, you need very much exercise.

So, this time it will be the city of Lucca to host the Sudoku champions in our country, and for this event, it proposes a special venue, the Real Collegio, the prestigious and monumental complex placed just in the historical heart of the wonderful city of Versilia.

The 4th Sudoku Italian Championship waits for you in Lucca on March 7th.

Meanwhile, if you have never ventured into Sudoku world and you would like to learn to play it, or you want to have some suggestions to become even more skilful, then click on About Sudoku, the website entirely dedicated to Sudoku.

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