Giotto and the Fourteenth Century at the Vittoriano in Rome

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Until the 29th of June, the Vittorianos structure of Rome will give hospitality to a very important exhibition dedicated to the most important master painting of Middle Ages and of the entire history of art: Giotto.

The event, called “Giotto e il Trecento. Il più sovrano Maestro stato in dipintura” shows the whole decorative course of Giotto, extrapolating them from the cultural context in which Giotto worked. Wonderful works that date back to the period between the 13th century and mid-14th century, that retrace the artistic and stylistic career of Giotto, indicating the crucial stages of his life as a man and artist.

At the exhibition you will find 150 works exposed, among polyptyches, works on tables and sculptures with very rare goldsmith works that testify the stylistic sensibility and the thematic versatility that had the affective dimension as undisputed protagonist of his works. It will be possible to see paintings that sometimes seem to be snapshots of our peninsulas places that are touched from the artistic genius of Giotto and that tell the history of the painter.

“Giotto e il Trecento. Il più sovrano Maestro stato in dipintura” is waiting for you until the 29th of June 2009 at the Vittoriano of Rome.

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