Monet and Japan on view at Royal Palace of Milan

In Milan, a really special exhibition will be set and will show everyone the perfect fusion between Japan and Monet’s skillful art.


The exhibition, entitled “Monet e il Giappone, il Tempo delle Ninfee” (“Monet and Japan, the Time of Water Lilies”) will enchant the Royal Palace rooms of Milan from April 29th to September 27th.


In fact Monet, one of the most esteemed French painters in the history of art, has always showed a particular tendency for Japan, its history, its spirituality and its artistic expressions.


Monet was particularly attracted by the Japanese naturalism, which was born from a philosophical conception of nature that subsequently appeared also in the arts and most of all in painting; he dedicated most of his artistic life to this kind of painting. The Japanese naturalism conceived the nature as a real condition of men.


The nature, introduced in a time which doesn’t go by and doesn’t move is for the man, who has to pay respect to it and to enjoy its precious benefits and treasures.


Therefore, this extraordinary exhibition at Royal Palace of Milan consists of a twenty works, which were born from the connection between French impressionism and Japanese naturalism.


The event is absolutely not to miss and remember, it will take place from April 29th to September 27th in Milan.


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