Easter time in Florence with the Burst of the Cart!

Easter is coming and as every year, the About Italy staff can’t do without remind you the extraordinary tradition of the Burst of the Cart which gives to the Florentine Easter a really special atmosphere.

Yes, because every year Duomo Square in Florence turns into the protagonist of a really peculiar event, which boasts of a very ancient tradition, rich sacred and profane elements.

The burst of the cart is one of the most expected events in the Tuscan town, which every year gathers not only all the Florentine citizens, but also several tourists coming from every corner of Italy and of the world.

It’s about a really spectacular cart, called Brindellone, within containing the stones of the Sacred sepulcher dating back to the crusades period. On Easter morning the cart is carried from Porta al Prato square to Piazza Duomo drawn by white oxen. Then, a wire will link the cart to the main choir of the Dome, and a rocket formed as a wonderful dove will come down hanging on it, until the cart, where some firecrackers will be placed on.

At this point, the burst! The Brindellone emits a wonderful play of lights, colours, smoke and outbreaks, and it officially starts the celebrations!

In the past, the burst of the cart was always a question mark, in fact many times it happened that the little dove failed in its aim…heigh ho….but with the passing of time, some things have been improved and everything always went well!

If you want to know how the things will go this time, the best way to discover it is allow yourself a beautiful Easter weekend in Florence, and obviously, you can also come back to visit us to know in detail how was the throw of the dove.

In the meantime, the About Italy Staff wish you all a Happy Florentine Easter!

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