A different Egypt presented at Sforza’s Castle in Milan

From today 15th May, the Trivulziana Library – Hall Weil Weiis of Sforza’s Castle in Milan – will present the exclusive exhibition dedicated to Egypt: “Egitto mai visto” (“Egypt as it’s never been seen before”).

The title itself reminds the exclusive peculiarity of this exhibition. In fact, at the expo, which will take place from May 30th to November 8th at Buonconsiglio Museum of Trento, there will be 800 archaeological findings coming from the Egyptian land, about 100 years after their discovery.

All the finds belong to two extraordinary and inedited collections which are preserved by the Egyptian Museum of Turin and by the Buonconsiglio Castle of Trento.

A stunning and spectacular exhibition will be presented in these days in Milan, a really interesting world preview dedicated to a far dimension, full of mystery and stories to tell and to discover.

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