From Egypt to Rome. Abu Simbel Temples

In the world there are a lot of exhibitions dedicated to the ancient Egypt and just last week we told you about an expected exhibition presented in Milan but which will take place in Trento.

But among the several events organized to pay homage to the ancient and mysterious Egyptian world, there’s a really special one: “Abu Simbel – Il salvataggio dei templi” (“Abu Simbel – The rescue of Temples”) is the great photography exhibition dedicated to the extraordinary rescue of the temples by Abu Simbel who this year celebrates its 50th birthday.

The exhibition will take place in a really peculiar site. In fact, the magical atmosphere of the Temple of Hadrian will host from May 23rd to June 2nd the exclusive and inedited of the great work which rescued this amazing artistic and cultural heritage.

Everyone in fact will have the chance to marvel at the images and the archaeological findings of the temples provided by the same protagonists of this “challenge”.

History from Egypt arrives to the Temple of Hadrian in order to make itself discover, understand and know. History on display in front of an overshadowing and stunning background, which only Rome could offer.

Abu Simbel – The rescue of Temples awaits you all at the Temple of Hadrian, in Rome, from May 23rd to June 2nd.

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