Summer courses in Milan to study Italian design and fashion

Italian summer this year is dedicated to all people who are coming to our country from any corner of the world to start or complete their studies in the fields of design, graphics and fashion.

NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) with its Design Summer Courses in Milan

, offers a fully new educational product just conceived for the incoming summer.

Naba’s summer programme proposes a variety of courses addressed to students whose desire is to work in the field of Italian fashion, and they represent a complete and high quality training able to satisfy any participant’s need.

Naba’s summer courses are 2-weeks programmes that develop on three levels, starting from Introduction and passing through Intermediate and Advanced level, in order to guarantee deep and full learning of all subjects.

We mention here some of the most attractive among Summer Courses supported by Naba for summer 2009. For who loves fashion for example, an Introduction for Fashion Accessories Course has been conceived, a very special course with focus on accessories, that have turned into real objects of worship today. Students enrolled to such course will study the history of accessories, their creation and production and will realize by themselves a women shoes or bag’s collection.

Again, students engaged in the field of fashion will have the possibility to complete or develop their knowledge thanks to the Fashion Textiles and Fibres Studio, a detailed course conceived to teach about fashion products’ composition.

In addition, for people particularly attracted by the aristic and graphic aspect of fashion, among its 2009 Summer Courses Naba created some special ones dedicated to students who are interested in fashion photography – Graphic Art Design for Fashion Studio and Fashion Photography Studio – in order to train skilled freelancers who will be then able to create wonderful fashion photography campaigns.

Last but not least and always staying in the field of photography, it is possible to find the Photography and the Moving Image for Beginners Course, for emerging photographers or simple photography lovers who will learn to express all their creativity by using simple techniques for the creation and processing of moving images.

Naba’s summer courses are open to students with a high school diploma and from first and second year of university. Students who wish to study in Italy have a wide range of courses to choose among, that will give them the possibility to take their favourite path and enter the working world easily.

Choose a different way of spending the incoming summer, bring out your passion and creativity and enter one of the Design Summer Courses offered by Naba. 2009 Italian summer will be full of design and fashion!

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    Great offer For the summer courses you can learn lots of thing from these courses.