2000 Years of Flavian Dynasty in a Touring Exhibition in Rome

A very special exhibition is still under way in Rome, set up to celebrate the “birthday” of one of the greatest personages of our history. In fact, the notorious Tito Flavio Vespasiano this year has his 2000th birthday, and his city, the wonderful Rome decided to celebrate the event with a particular touring exhibition which until January 2010 will go through the whole capital.


The great exhibition Divus Vespasianus. Il Bimillenario dei Flavi” (“Divus Vespasianus The two-thousand-year Flavian”) is dedicated to the plebeian emperor, who coming from the army was able to wear the emperor crown; it is divided into six sections in which portraits, statues and capitals will be exhibited and placed in the magnificent background of the historical sites of Rome, from the Coliseum to the Roman Forum


The event is intended to pay homage to such a great personage by telling the history of his life and his work also through the happenings of the whole Flavian dynasty; protagonists of the exhibition will be in fact also his sons Tito and Domiziano.


Such an event in Rome is absolutely not to miss! It will give you the chance to discover and rediscover the capital of the world, flicking through a book of history whose pages are tangible remains of history itself.


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