An Exhibition in Siena for the Rediscovery of the Forgotten Crucifix of Benedetto da Maiano

Until 21st June San Gimignano, placed in the province of the wonderful city of Siena, will be the protagonist of a very particular exhibition entitled “Benedetto da Maiano in San Gimignano, the rediscovery of a forgotten crucifix”.


On the occasion of this event, the beautiful wooden polychrome crucifix will be publicly put on display, a work attributed to the Florentine artist Benedetto da Maiano, sculptor belonging to the Renaissance who has always showed his interest in the human body’s shapes and proportions. And this beautiful crucifix is the proof.


It is not only a religious symbol, worthy of the attention of the believers only, but also an extraordinary artwork, in which it is possible to see the care for the proportions, for the material choice, for colors and shapes.


Rediscovered in 1994, the work is 1,70 m long and probably it dates back to the end of 15th century. The crucifix was carved for Santa Fina’s hospital of the city of Siena, even if in the 60s of last century it was moved to Santa Maria nuns’ apartment. Only in 1994 it was “rediscovered”, thanks to one of the guardians of the Musei Civici of San Gimignano who perceived the importance of such a work.

For a long time unkempt and unattended, the artwork was subjected to a long restoration which today, after many years, leaves us a perfect work as it was at the moment of its creation, and the proof of such a long and delicate work is told by the exhibition through a series of information panels.


“Benedetto da Maiano in San Gimignano, the rediscovery of a forgotten Crucifix” awaits you all in San Gimignano, (Siena), at Santa Chiara Conservatory Museum.


It is also a good occasion to give yourself a week-end in the stunning city of Siena!

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