The Wonderful Summer of Milan

Hey Guys…Finally it’s Summer!

And for all of you who, despite the warm days and muggy weather, decide to remain in the city of Milan, a wonderful summer has just begun: La Bella Estate di Milano 2009!

In fact, the most expected series of summer events has come back, and the city of Milan organizes for you all summer long, from 16th June to 30th August, 400 different appointments to continuously have fun!

This initiative, which in its last editions had great success and excited both adults and children, comes back once again with a more variegated programme full of events.

Concerts, special evenings, great exhibitions, initiatives dedicated to children and families, movie reviews…in sum, here there’s really everything for spending your ideal summer in Milan!

There are 200 special initiatives scheduled and dedicated to any age bracket, 70 concerts of classical and modern music, 48 theatre shows, 41 appointments in Milan’s museums, 35 exhibitions, and much more.

The fabulous summer of Milan is waiting for you…art, music, dance and a lot of fun!

Here it is your summer…here it is your La Bella Estate di Milano!

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