Summer Sales are going to start…So Let’s Go Shopping in Florence!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, fashion victims from all over the world, your attention, please: Summer Sales are about to arrive in Florence!

We’re almost there…just one week and in Florence summer sales will start, more precisely on Tuesday 7th July.

You will find sales everywhere, especially in the biggest cities of Italy, where it is a very expected moment because it’s just in this period that people can allow themselves some luxurious objects or satisfy a whim, without doing great harm to their wallet!

All the city shops, from the sport shops to the great and prestigious boutiques will discount their prices of clothes and accessories, (-20% up to -50% off, according to the shop).

So…finally you will have the chance to buy those lovely shoes which you see every day in that shop window! Or you will have the opportunity to take advantage of this moment to fill your closet with everything you need and also with everything which is not so necessary!

So folks, remember that the great Florence summer sales marathon starts on Tuesday 7th July 2009. Otherwise, if Florence is not your destination for going shopping, then remember that sales are going to start in all the other big cities of Italy. Rome in fact, will start sales on 4th July, whereas in Milan and Venice sales will start onb Saturday 5th July and in Siena on 12th July!

Therefore…take your shopping bag and let’s go shopping in the wonderful Florence, and in all the Italian cities representing the Italian fashion and design in the world!

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