After its Restoration, an Exhibition dedicated to the Wedding of the Virgin, by Raffaello

We will have the chance to marvel at the wonderful “Wedding of the Virgin” created by the great Raffaello not for much longer; in fact, since last March, it came back in the halls of the Pinacoteca di Brera (Brera Gallery), after the several restoration works which brought this artwork back to its natural splendor.


This year, the ancient Milan gallery celebrates its 200th anniversary and it has decided to do it in a big way, by hosting one of the most extraordinary painting masterpiece ever existed.


The exhibition, which is entirely dedicated to the painting made by the great genius of Renaissance, puts visitors in front of the whole and long history of such a work, which arrived in Milan in 1804, after having belonged to different owners for a long time.


A video screening in the hall n. 24 of the Brera Gallery in Milan will show step by step the creation and the restoration works of the painting.


Such an event is really not to miss for all the great art lovers, but also for those whose desire is to try the thrill of being in front of one of the most beautiful artworks ever created.


The Wedding of the Virgin awaits you all in Milan until 29th July.

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