Notte Lido Blu: the Blue Night of Lido di Camaiore

On Saturday 11th July, the most expected and coolest Italian summer event will come back in Lido di Camaiore: Notte Lido Blu, a wonderful evening that for 12 consecutive hours will entertain and amuse adults and children, with any kind of shows and initiatives, many stands dedicated to sport and most of all…live music!

Everything will take place along the amazing and renowned Lido waterfront, where every kind of commercial activities will remain open to the public till late: beach resorts, several shops, clubs, pubs and restaurants.

This new edition 2009 will present 6 different themes, all carefully organized by the event partner, the society FM Group.

After the great success in 2008, once again Sport is one of the main protagonists of Notte Lido Blu. In Lido Freestyle area in fact, visitors will have the chance to participate in particular sports like surfing, indoboarding and skating, and they will also see live performances by the best champions in the world who belong to the famous surf and team schools Quicksilver and Roxy.

The latter will help you to feel the adrenaline of the board sports thanks to the specific equipment placed on the beach. In addition, you can’t absolutely miss the performance offered by the special guest Daniel Cardone, skate emblem in the world.

On the other hand, all the beach sports lovers, can’t miss the chance to play neither Volley Ball ‘till dawn, nor to try the special brand new sport: Beach Hokey!

Whereas, for those who love fitness, a very important event arrives: for the first time Notte Lido Blu will host the stop “1st Grand Prix Città di Camaiore“.

In addition, you will find the sailing regatta called “Lido Blu Cup 2009″, a more traditional event which is officially recognized by the Federazione Italiana di Vela (Sailing Italian Federation).

As for the space dedicated to Art, there are hot news. A whole gallery, (the Europa Gallery) run by the master Francesco Pagliarulo will pay homage to the color which is the symbol of Lido’s night: the Blue, a chromatic emblem of soul and dreams dimension.

But what makes such an evening really unique is the area reserved to Live Music: in fact for the first time the stage of “Radio Bruno Estate Tour 2009″ will arrive in Notte Lido Blu, and admission will be free. International and national pop artists will take part in this event, like Giusy Ferreri, Gianluca Grignani, Fabri Fibra, Marco Carta and many more.

On the other hand, for the jazz lovers, a very particular “lunge quintet jazz” evening is scheduled.

Moreover, such a glamorous sea resort like Lido di Camaiore couldn’t miss the chance to host many particular Fashion Events. In fact, on this special occasion, the amazing scenery of Lido’s pier will turn into a catwalk where qualified fashion stylists will present their original collections of Sea Fashion and Blue Jeans.

In addition, during the evening, young models coming from every region of Italy will compete with others for the desired band of “new face of the millennium” from the notable international competition “New Model Today”.

Of course, such an important event in Versilia, wouldn’t be complete without an area entirely dedicated to children entertainment. Several games with prizes and surprises await all the children at the village “Mondo Kids”.

Finally, some stands will be entirely dedicated to the promotion of Social Responsibility, through the cooperation with Polizia Municipale of Camaiore and Polizia Stradale which support the national campaign of “Progetto Italia”. The latter, founded by the famous rally champions has the goal to make young people more responsible, by fighting against the illegal street racing, drug and alcohol abuse (the main cause of youth death in car accidents) and most of all by teaching them the respect towards their and everyone else’ life.

So guys, what are you waiting for? If you thought about a breathtaking summer during the whole winter, on Saturday 11th July you can’t miss the appointment with Notte Lido Blu!

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