The Redeemer’s Day Makes Venice Shine Once Again

As tradition would have it, every third Sunday of July the wonderful background of San Marco’s basin in Venice celebrates the Redeemer’s Day. We are talking about one of the most beloved historical events by Venetians, also thanks to the historic reason which got this event started, dating back to July 1577.

On that date in fact, the plague was overcome in Venice: that awful infectious disease affected the Serenissima about in 1575, reducing enormously its population.

Then, in order to glorify the Lord who saved the citizens, the doge Venier ordered to build a temple in honor of Christ the Redeemer on the Giudecca island, one of the most known islands in the lagoon.

Also this edition summer 2009, which will take place on 18th and 19th July, schedules really several events.

On Saturday 18th, at 7 PM there will be the wonderful inauguration of the votive bridge (a floating structure on boats, 330 m long) which links the San Marco’s basin to the Giudecca Island, delineating in this way the “symbolic way” toward the Redeemer’s Temple.

Afterward, His Eminence the Cardinal Patriarch Angelo Scola will cross the bridge, and during the evening, visitors will be astonished by hundreds decorated boats and enlightening shores reflecting on water.

At 11.30 PM, the stunning fireworks will end the celebrations of the evening of 18th July, while colored boats will row toward the coasts waiting for the lights of dawn, symbol of the Redeemer’s arrival.

On Sunday 19th, both entertaining and religious events will await you! From 4 PM, tourists will have the chance to marvel at the famous Redeemer’s Regatta and later, at the pupparini or gondole with two paddles regatta. Finally, at 7 PM there will be the event’s climax: the Holy Votive Mass at the Giudecca Redeemer’s Church, celebrated by the Cardinal of Venice Angelo Scola.

So…Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you are all invited to participate in one of the most famous celebrations of the romantic Venice!

What are you waiting for? Come in great numbers!

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2 Responses to “The Redeemer’s Day Makes Venice Shine Once Again”

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    I can’t wait to go there this summer! I’ve been waiting for this vacation for a really long time..

  2. 2

    Venice is a wonderful city to visit. Very romantic. Still, you must be a master of English vocabulary if you want to make friends with other tourists there.