Become an Archaeologist for one day: in Rome!

For the summer 2009, the city of Rome suggests a very interesting project: several particular guided tours and visits to the most famous archaeological sites in the wonderful capital. The initiative, supported by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of Rome, is called “Archeologia d’Estate” (“Archaeology in Summer”) and it will take place until 30th September (but in the month of August).


The goals that the city of Rome wants to reach through the project “Archelogia d’Estate” are very remarkable. On this occasion in fact, both Roman citizens and foreigners are invited to observe for the first time forgotten places, but also tourists from all over the world will have the chance to put themselves in the shoes of professional archaeologists for one day in a very original way.


In addition, the event was conceived for a valid reason: it will allow in fact the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage to raise the necessary funds for the reconstruction of the artistic and archeological heritage of the city of Aquila, damaged by the awful earthquake of last April.


The programme of “Archeologia d’estate” schedules many original events and it will enchant you! There will be three main themes developed during the Roman event: La Luna sul Colosseo – Notti Flavie, Il Foro Romano and the Palatino will reveal ancient frescoes and musical performances in the Roman National Museum.


If your dream is to marvel at the wonderful Roman ruins in a different atmosphere, “Archeologia d’estate” is the perfect occasion for you! Why not to spend a delightful evening at the Coliseum, which for this occasion will be enlightened by a sparkling hot-air balloon? And in addition, here tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy for the first time guided tours to the ancient art exhibition of Divus Vespasianus.


Citizens will have the chance to marvel at the ancient frescoes in the several buildings, just restored, which are located on the Palatine hill and near the Roman Forum. Among these: the beautiful Aula Isiaca, which shows decorations dedicated to Iside’s cult and it’s the first real proof of the fashion of Egyptians symbols in Rome, the ruins of Livia’s house (Augusto’s wife), the temple of Romolo and many others.


The locations of the Roman National Museum, which for the event will host musical shows with admission free, are: the Terme di Diocleziano (Diocleziano’s Thermal baths), the Massimo Palace, the Cripta Balbi and the Altemps Palace.


Those who are enchanted by archaeology can’t miss this wonderful mix of music and art offered by this stunning event. So…Roman citizens and foreigners, “Archeologia d’Estate” awaits you in great numbers!


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