Milan pays homage to the Woodstock Generation

On the occasion of 40th anniversary of the notorious Woodstock Festival, Milan Triennial organizes until 20th September a special exhibition entitled “Woodstock – The After Party”, in honor of all the generations belonging to the last 40 years who have a great passion for rock music.


As commonly known, the Festival took place for the first time in August 1969 in Bethel (a town located in the State of New York) and lasted for 3 days during which there were great international artists like Jimi Hendrix and Santana.


In addition, the concert is considered by many to be a great historical landmark of 70′s America, because it gave life to the Woodstock Nation, a sort of youth generation / movement which strongly opposed to any kind of social obligation, by defending their ideals of freedom, peace and love.


This event is not just a simple commemoration of one of the most important concerts ever existed, but it wants to encourage all the visitors to reflect upon how mass musical events were able to create such generations.


In fact, behind this great event, there’s the idea that the youth who grew in the years after the Woodstock Nation, chose to adopt two different behaviors towards such a social movement: many in fact disowned it, whereas many others imitated it.


The event’s plan is really well-done and it wants to draw the attention of all the visitors who wish to clarify the meaning of the historical ’69 Festival and the ideals promoted by the Woodstock Nation.


On the event’s calendar, the following activities have been scheduled: the exhibition of original photographs belonging to 1969 selected from the Corbis archive, screenings of historical videos with rock music and sounds (among which, the famous movie “Woodstock” by Wadleigh of 1970), a review of Generations films from 9,30 PM on, and most of all fabulous dj sets from 5,30 PM on with special guests such as: Andy Bluvertigo (30th July), Marco Rigamonti (6th August) and many others.


An absolutely not to miss event dedicated to all the rock culture lovers, but also to everyone who would like to discover the ideals promoted by the ‘69 American generation.


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