Splendour & Reason. Art in Eighteenth-Century Florence

This summer, the wonderful Uffizi Gallery in Florence will host until 30th September a really unique exhibition entitled “Il Fasto e la Ragione. Arte del Settecento” (“Splendour and Reason. Art in 18th Century”).

As one can clearly deduce from the title, the exhibition traces a complex historical itinerary which starts from the first paintings ordered by Cosimo 3rd and by Ferdinando de’ Medici, until the arrival of the Enlightenment king Leopold, Duke of Lorraine, and of the first foreign purchasers to Tuscany.

Therefore, this is a not-to-be-missed occasion for analysing the interesting evolution of taste and painting techniques starting from the splendour and the eccentricity of the late Baroque movement, until the classic ideals belonging to the 18th century Neoclassicism and the famous “Grand Tour” of the artists.

In addition, the whole exhibition has been organized by very important personages, such as the Uffizi Gallery‘s director Antonio Natali in cooperation with the curators Carlo Sisi and Riccardo Spinelli.

The exhibition, which is made up of 9 different sections, is subdivided according to the themes and the temporal order which allow art lovers to easily get the pluralism of models and the variety of such an artistic production phase.

Finally, a visit to this exhibition would not be complete without marvelling at the wonderful vedute, highly detailed, usually large-scale paintings of a city or a landscape, which were ordered by the aristocratic Florentine Gerini family, or at the fabulous Doccia porcelain products promoted by the Ginoris.

In the final exhibition section entitled “The international Neoclassicism in the end of the century”, it will be possible to marvel at wonderful artworks representing neoclassical ideals, such as the notorious Alfieri’s portrait made by François-Xavier Fabre or “Achille’s education” by Pompeo Batoni.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, art critics or not, come in great numbers to visit one of the most interesting exhibitions hosted by Uffizi Gallery ever. You won’t believe your eyes!

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