On August 16th, the famous Horse-Race in Siena: “Palio dell’ssunta”

The renowned Palio dell’Assunta will come back in Siena on August 16th, and as usual, it will take place in the picturesque and stunning Piazza del Campo.

It’s a very ancient competition between the city wards, which dates back to Middle Ages and from time immemorial draws the attention of tourists from all over the world.

The feast lasts 4 days, during which visitors will have the chance to watch the meticulous preparation of the race. The morning of August 13th for example, is a symbolic date during which the so-called “Tratta” takes place, that is the assigning of the horses to each contrada.

On the occasion of the edition 2009, only ten of the seventeen city contradas will challenge each other. The seven contradas which didn’t run in the Palio of last August are excluded from the race.

The day of the race, August 16th, is really exciting and it is preceded by the Corteo Storico, which is a parade in historical costume where participants show the symbol of each contrada.

The Palio race consists of 3 complete laps of Piazza del Campo. The winner of the race will be the contrada whose horse will get before at the end of the three laps with or without its jockey.

The award will be the famous “Drappellone”, which according to tradition has to be created and produced by an artist living in Siena.

This year the 10 contradas which will run in the Palio dell’Assunta are the following:

- Aquila (Eagle)

- Tartuca (Tortoise)

- Torre (Tower)

- Nicchio (Seashell)

- Pantera (Black Panther)

- Selva (Forest)

- Oca (Goose)

- Bruco (Caterpillar)

- Valdimontone (literally, “Valley of the Ram” – often shortened to Montone)

- Drago (Dragon)

In addition, tourists will have the opportunity to watch the Palio from the tribunes placed around the square (with fee), from the windows or balconies of their hotels or in the square itself, which is every year more and more crowded.

Therefore, those who would like to spend their holidays in the wonderful city of Siena, can’t miss one of the most famous folkloristic events in Tuscany. The Palio awaits you all in great numbers!

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    I am very interested in knowing who won the Palio horse race that took place on August 16th 2009?

    Thanks for your response.