“Spinola Contemporanea”: a Contemporary Art Exhibition in Genoa

Don’t miss the chance to go to Genoa and visit the historical dwelling of the Spinola family from another point of view!


Until September 13th in fact, the picturesque palace will host an event entitled “Spinola Contemporanea” (“Contemporary Spinola”) which is not just a simple exhibition, but it represents a real itinerary inside the building located in Genoa old town, on which 35 Italian and foreign contemporary artists have been working for a year, working hard in order to search a subjective and personal way for interpreting its characteristics.


This itinerary (in a class by itself) was conceived just on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the palace opening as a National Gallery, after the last two descendants of the Spinola family, Franco and Paolo, gave as a gift the dwelling to the Italian Government. Everything was planned and created with the cooperation of Farida Simonetti (the Gallery director) and Gianluca Zanelli, the Gallery keeper.


Eighteen galleries belonging to the START association have worked on the project, including on this occasion national and international artists, all representatives of contemporary art.


In fact, the main goal of the exhibition was to encourage painters and photographers to create several different and innovative works, depending on the inspiration they found from both the atmosphere of the ancient halls of Spinola dwelling and the Classical artworks.


And what about the result? Absolutely fantastic! In addition, near the ancient paintings, on the walls of each hall you will find sculptures, paintings, photographs and also video installations, as a sign of “innovative” interpretation of Genoa cultural heritage.


So…What are you waiting for? Don’t miss this special appointment with ancient and contemporary art! “Spinola Contemporanea” awaits you all in great numbers!


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