A Pendulum in Pisa Airport: Skoda pays homage to Galileo

A new interesting initiative intended to pay homage to the year dedicated to science and to the great Italian Galileo Galilei: an extraordinary work created by the contemporary sculptor Vladimir Skoda at Pisa Airport.


We are talking about a sculpture entitled Galileo-Galilei, designed and created by Skoda with the intent to recall the discoveries and the instruments used by the Italian scientist, and to commemorate such an important protagonist in the field of science.


This stunning sculpture-installation is made up of a concave mirror put behind the golden steel sphere of a pendulum, whose oscillations create visions of an unexplored space: sometimes it seems to see a golden and transparent globe, sometimes a deformed representation of the surrounding environment.


Such a sculpture is a recall to Galileo not just for the use of a pendulum, but also for the purpose to suggest the idea of celestial bodies joined together by forces of attraction and energy.


It’s an artistic-scientific installation really not to miss at all!


For all the science and art lovers, or just for curious people, the original work by Vladimir Skoda will remain on display until October 30th.


For further information about the year of Galileo, abut the events organized on this occasion and about the great personage of Galileo Galilei, please visit our website www.aboutgalileogalilei.com

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