Month: September 2009

The Infinite on Display in Venice

Began on last June 6th and organized by the Fondazione Musei Civici of Venice and the Vervoordt Foundation, the stunning exhibition In-finitum will be held until 15th November 2009 at the Fortuny Museum in Venice.


The aim of the exhibition is to explore and look into the concept of “Infinite” in all its nuances and meanings, through the help of different issues such as art, science and philosophy belonging to different ages and cultures which confront each other.


It is a sort of spiritual travel, where man finds his limits and confronts himself with them, in a never ending journey towards knowledge, completeness and perfection which from time immemorial artists, scientists and literati have undertaken.


Therefore, the protagonists of such an important event will be just

European Heritage Days 2009. A Fully Cultural Weekend !

No plans for the weekend?


Well, if your answer is “no”, then we’ll suggest you something unique to do.


This weekend in fact, on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September 2009, there will be a fully cultural event: as usual, also this year all the European countries will celebrate the European Heritage Days, which were conceived in 1991 by the European Council in order to encourage and promote the cultural dialogue and exchange between European countries.


As every year, MiBAC participates in the event with the slogan “Italy, the treasure of Europe” and organizes throughout Italy several initiatives intended to increase the value of Italian culture and heritage, with the aim to share all this great richness with other European countries.


In fact, throughout the country, many events and activities will take place in order to increase the national heritage value: over 1000 sites will be open to the public with free entrance, extraordinary openings, art exhibitions, concerts, shows and

Cultural Pulsations in Rome: the Romaeuropa Festival 2009

The day after tomorrow, the 24th edition of the world-famous Romaeuropa Festival, the most important event showing performing arts as usual rich of appointments and fabulous events, will start in the eternal city, Rome, from 23rd September to 2nd December.


This year, the festival is entitled “Cultural Pulsations” in order to remind the event’s thought, which intends the creativity rhythm to be a characteristic feature of contemporary society, and wants to show a positive attitude towards the artistic creation surrounding us, putting itself against the current moment of financial crisis.


As always, the event will be rich of dance, theatre, plastic and visual arts, literature and music, everything represented by great

Italian Sidewalk Astronomy, in Florence Historical Squares

In Florence, the special event “Astronomia in piazza” (“Astronomy in the public squares”) keeps on going on; we are talking about a project started on May 3rd 2009, which will end only on December 31st.

Such an idea was created by the astronomer Emiliano Ricci, in cooperation with the department of culture of the City of Florence and the Unesco Office, on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the first sky observations thanks to Galileo Galilei‘s telescope.

The event’s aim, based on the activity of the American “sidewalk astronomers”, is to observe stars, planets and the galaxy from the largest and most striking Florentine historical squares, such as Piazza della Signoria, Piazza Santa Croce, Piazza del Duomo, Piazza della Repubblica and

Milano Film Festival comes back – September 11th – 20th

From September 11th to 20th 2009, Milano Film Festival comes back in the cosmopolitan city of Milan with its 14th edition.

This acclaimed event was born in 1996 as a short film festival-competition for the young Milanese filmakers only, giving in this way the chance to put under the spotlight marginal works; however, in 2000 it set up the first international feature film competition.

This year, the 14th edition presents a calendar rich of events, and it schedules the opening of two different international competition: