European Heritage Days 2009. A Fully Cultural Weekend !

No plans for the weekend?


Well, if your answer is “no”, then we’ll suggest you something unique to do.


This weekend in fact, on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September 2009, there will be a fully cultural event: as usual, also this year all the European countries will celebrate the European Heritage Days, which were conceived in 1991 by the European Council in order to encourage and promote the cultural dialogue and exchange between European countries.


As every year, MiBAC participates in the event with the slogan “Italy, the treasure of Europe” and organizes throughout Italy several initiatives intended to increase the value of Italian culture and heritage, with the aim to share all this great richness with other European countries.


In fact, throughout the country, many events and activities will take place in order to increase the national heritage value: over 1000 sites will be open to the public with free entrance, extraordinary openings, art exhibitions, concerts, shows and guided tours in the main places representing Italian culture, which include archaeological sites, museums, monuments, theatres, national galleries, in other words, the archaeological, artistic, historical, architectonical, musical, theatrical and archives’ Italian heritage.


On the occasion of the edition 2009, there are thousands booklets distributed throughout Italy which will remind visitors the great programme rich of events, initiatives and extraordinary openings which will take place in many Italian cities. We remind you a few: 


If you are in the neighborhoods of Milan, you could visit the Sforza Castle, or the Art Gallery of Brera, where on the occasion of its bicentenary, the famous “The marriage of the Virgin” by Raffaello will be put on display again, after one-year restoration.


In Genoa (Liguria), you will have the chance to marvel at the Royal Palace, in Palermo (Sicily) you will nose around in the State Archive, and in Turin you will have the opportunity to go for a walk in the botanic garden. In addition, in the province of Turin, in Castellamonte, visitors will have the chance to take part to the review “Paths of ceramics” through guided itineraries in the city.


In addition, we remind you that the New Antiquarium of Ostia Antica (province of Rome) will show to public small bronze and bone tools in order to illustrate unknown aspects of daily life during the age of ancient Rome.


And if you are in the neighborhoods of Venice, in the park of Villa Pisani in Stra, you will find an original guided tour called “Sapor di forte agrume” (“Strong taste of Citrus fruit”), which as I was just saying, will guide you in an itinerary of the citrus fruit-growing, made up of visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile sensations.


Finally, if you would rather prefer to spend a weekend abroad entirely dedicate to culture, then we remind you that in Budapest  there’s the chance to visit the Salterio di Santa Elisabetta for free, whereas in Cracovia there will be an interesting exhibition dedicated to the Italian scientist Galileo Galilei.


So…What are you waiting for? Dedicate this weekend to culture and fun!


For further information about events and exhibitions in the main Italian cities, please visit our websites about Venice, Turin, Rome, Milan, Florence, Siena, the areas of Mugello and Versilia.


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