Venice Marathon: the 42 most striking kilometers in the world

Venice Marathon gives evidence to be an unfailing event for all the international runners: the 6,000 entries available have been sold out before the competition beginning – scheduled for October, 25th.

And the reason is easy to understand! The Marathon path is really fascinating, impressing, unique in the world!

The 42,195 Kilometers competition starts from the Venetian hinterland, under the majestic villas of the famous architect Palladio which are located along the “Riviera del Brenta” (the riverside beloved by ancient noble Venetians). The landscape changes halfway, when runners enter in Mestre, the part of the city of Venice which lies on the mainland. But the most exiting moments are yet to come!

At this point, only four spectacular kilometers divide the athletes from the lagoon city; four kilometers covered running between sea and sky, along the “Bridge of Liberty”, which splits the lagoon and displays on the horizon the profile of Serenissima.

Finally, here’s Venice. Starting from “Zattere”, down along Giudecca Canal to “Punta della Dogana” – where runners will have the privilege to cross the Grand Canal on a pontoon bridge especially built for the race; then up and down on 14 bridges, straight along the typical little alleys, up to “San Marco” and the “Palazzo Ducale”; the “Riva degli Schiavoni” is the final step, and at last the wandered finish line appears, panoramically overlooked on the Venice lagoon.

Art, magic atmosphere and really a lot of sport. Venice Marathon is all that and much more.

The 2009 edition is rich of collateral events, mainly dedicated to children, young people and families. For example, the Family Run (collateral non competitive runs), or “Open Sport”, a village with playgrounds and professional trainers waiting for young boys and girls who want to participate.

Moreover, the international conference “150 years of Physical Education in Italian school: a comparison with Europe” is scheduled.

In the end, charity and social commitment can’t be forgotten! Venice Marathon promotes the project “Run for Water, Run for Life”, a fundraising campaign aimed to build drinking water wells in Uganda. Moreover, the race supports the Venice administration commitment for the elimination of road-blocks; for this reason, the popular sportsman Oscar Pistorius will participate to the event as testimonial, together with many other disabled athletes that will join the competition, as in the previous editions.

Venice is waiting for lazy people too… It will be a great show!!

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