Edward Hopper’s Works in Milan!

For the first time, the work of Edward Hopper (1882-1967), one of the most appreciated and successfull American artists of the 19th century, is  on view in Italy!
From 14th October 2009 to 31st January 2010, the Royal Palace in Milan dedicates a very interesting exhibition to him: 160 works on display, from his best-known paintings (such as Pennsylvania Coal Town, A Woman in the Sun e Second Story Sunlight – chosen for the official poster), to never exhibited ones, as Girlie Show.

Special attention is also dedicated to his preparatory drawings, each one shown near the corresponding final painting; a strategy for catching audience’s attention on artist’s way of working, in which preliminary sketches were a key stage. Visitors will also have the opportunity to marvel at one of his ledgers, also known as Artist’s ledger Books, thanks to a multimedial application on a touch screen.

In this way, the rigour and the accuracy of the painter’s representations will be pointed out, attitudes that made him the founder of American Realism. In fact, while his contemporaries prefered join one of the several forms of Abstractionism, Hopper chose to narrate everyday life in U.S.A. between 1920 and 1960, to describe American landscapes, people, and loneliness.

In the exhibition at Royal Palace, this photograph of the American society is enriched with some historical and cultural notes about U.S.A. between the two World Wars. In some ways, we can say that Hopper’s paintings resound in Gershwin and Elvis Presley’s melodies, they mirror Kennedy’s family photos, they are quoted by Alfred Hitchcock (in Psycho, for example), they are perfect illustrations for F.S. Fitzgerald’s books.

This involving event in Milan, organized by Arthemisia Group, is promoted by the Comune di Milano-Cultura and by Foundation Rome, in collaboration with the Fondation de l’Hermitage of Losanna and in particular, with the Whitney Museum of American Art of New York, where Hopper’s career began in 1920 and where some of his best individual exhibitions took place in the past.

Royal Palace in Milan is offering another of its wonderful shows to you!
A special welcome will be reserved to children, with funny activities dedicated to them (on Sunday morning, reservation required)

From 16th February 2010, you can also visit this same exhibition in Rome: it will be on display at the Museo Fondazione Roma until 13th of June 2010.

For further information about all the events in Milan and Rome, please visit www.aboutmilan.com and www.aboutroma.com

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