Festival dei Popoli 2009. For 50 years “seeking a cinema able to disclose the world”

The Festival dei Popoli celebrates its 50th anniversary, but it’s still up-to-date.


From November 1st to 7th, the most important Italian Festival of Documentary Film will take place in Florence, on the screens of Odeon and Spazio Uno cinemas. An event dedicated to a particular genre, which pursues the difficult mission of narrating the “true reality” in which we live, using the “mythical” tool of the film language.


Many of the movies presented during the exhibition deal with current issues, such as the middle-oriental conflicts, racism or environmental damage; other works instead, focus on human feelings, for example representing the meeting between two exiles, the troubles of a young woman, the life outside of time of a little town in North Africa…


So, we are dealing with a quite anthropologic and sociologic perspective, usual for this event, which however doesn’t forget the film quality. The artistic level of the movies is increasing, in particular regarding the Italian production. The Festival dei Popoli proposes a very rich program, with an amount of 81 documentaries, among which 6 World, 4 European and 37 Italian previews. Films are divided into 3 sections: Long, Short and Free Style, planned for no-competing films.


In this last categories, you can find so much as six movies centered on music (for example “Woodstock now and then” or “Soundtrack for a Revolution”, which talks about the Black American fight for civil rights). Great expectations are grown about “Arbitri”, a movie about the world of referees commissioned by Uefa. Two other sections are at disposition of the audience, too: one dedicated to the German film-maker Thomas Heise, and the other one to documentaries shot between 1958 and 1965, a sort of self-homage of the Festival, which was rising in those times.


What’s more, this event in Florence aims to enlarge the fame of documentary films behind the limited contest of the festival. This target is pursued with a new partnership with “Premio Solinas”, and offering 5000 € to distributors who will project in theirs cinemas one of the scheduled films, diffusing it in this way among the general public.


So, dear movies-addicted… Florence is waiting for you! And not only with Festival dei Popoli, but with the involving calendar of the “50 days of International cinema in Florence“, a series of film festivals which for two months will turn Florence into the Italian capital of the “big screen”!


For further information about the city of Florence and all its events, you can visit our website www.aboutflorence.com

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