The House of Mirrors – An Innovative Artistic Experience in Pisa

A brand new event in Pisa: The House of Mirrors, from 5th to 7th November 2009, at Stazione Leopolda.


It’s an innovative and alternative art exhibition, which displays a series of works inspired by the same subject: the picture of a human face, selected by the organization team through a photographic contest. Starting from this common matrix, each one of the participants produced a unique creation, a personal work of art, resulting from his own techniques, inspirations and emotions.


From artist to artist, also the language used can change, and the possibilities are as many as the number of sections in which the exhibition is divided into: Sculpture, Painting, Computer Art, Comics, Video, Tales, Poetry.


Finally, a global message – that is at the same time the founding idea of the project, comes out: each artist sees and conceives the world in a personal way, that’s why what he creates is the mirror of his soul.


Last year The House of Mirrors, born from an idea of the young Italian artist Luca Batoni, took place completely on-line. The success was so great that in 2009 the festival happens “live” in Pisa, at Stazione Leopolda (recently restored), where visitors can not only look but also create their personal works of art. In addition, we remind you that also many live concerts and collateral events dedicated to the children are scheduled.


And the entrance is free!


For those who will not have the chance to come to the famous city of Versilia, a virtual gallery with all the works exhibited will be available on the official website.


Whereas, for anyone who wish to have more information about Pisa, the other cities in Versilia, and the next events on the calendar, please visit

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