ART AND STYLE AT MINT – Milan International Antiques and Modern Art Fair

Among the several different identities and attitudes that Milan displays, the “artistic” one is becoming more and more relevant, as a consequence of some ongoing initiatives in the city. An example of this wave is MINT, an International Trade Fair dedicated to Antiques, Modern and Contemporary Art. Its 2009 edition takes place from 12th to 15th November at Indro Montanelli’s gardens (via Palestro).

The strength of this show in Milan is the very high quality of the works displayed. This years, 45 exhibitors will participate, all of them carefully selected to be adimitted. They make this fair a true “boutique” in the global market of art works!

The other key feature of MINT is the choice to exhibit different kinds of objects (as jewels, carpets, paintings, books, pictures, glasses, textiles, installations…), coming form different historical periods. Or better, the combination of antique trade and modern collections is the central point of the exhibition, thought for a specific kind of buyers: ecletic art lovers, people who like mixing together different languages and styles, specialists who appreciate originality and quality, beauty and luxury.

Special attention will be reserved to the newer works of contemporary art, according to the spirit of the city, that can be considered the capital of the style, the innovation and the creativity “made in  Italy” – not by chance Milan will host the 2015 Universal Exposition!
Also the location of the event has been chosen with a view to this newfangled vocation: a wonderful garden, near to the most important streets of shopping in Milan and, especcially, in the middle of the “Distretto Palestro”, a new city department dedicated to Modern and Contemporary Art museums. In the sorroundings, tourists might visit the Modern Art Gallery of Villa Reale, the PAC Pavilion of Contemporary Art and a series of interesting temporary exhibitions.

Let’s discover the artistic face of Milan, which through projects as MINT is leaving and at the same time wearing a totally new “usher”. And in fact the usher and the suggestions that it evokes are the issues this fourth edition of the fair deals with, playing on the title “Appearance is deceiving”.

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    artistry of Milan should be treasured a lot.
    great exhibit like this should also be recognized..
    love your blog…