Firenze Marathon 2009: running between history and art

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You should visit the most beautiful Italian cities… with running shoes on! After Venice Marathon, which took place some weeks ago, now it’s time for the Florence Marathon, whreas the Marathon of Milan will “change season” this year, and will be organized in spring.

On Sunday, November 29th, 10,000 athletes are expected at the beginning of the 42 km Florentine race, a sport event whose importance and popularity are exponentially growing year by year.
It is not by chance that noteworthy top-runners participate in the 2009 edition of this competition, included in the calendar of the official international races. For example, the Italian athletes Danilo Goffi and Denis Curzi, seeking for a call for the 2010 European Athletics Championship in Barcelona, for whom this marathon will be a really important showcase to show their skills.

An outstanding stage not only for the qualitative level of the competition, but in particular for the fascinating course and the beautiful locations along which it offers. For example, just think about the starting point: the natural terrace of Piazzale Michelangelo, a wonderful panoramic square with a magnificent view on Florence; the location of the final line is very impressive as well: the majestic Santa Croce Square.
And in the middle, 42 kilometers of art and architecture of Renaissance, of history and culture of Florence, of impressive naturalistic landscapes.

Together with the official race, several events are scheduled, inspired by values like aggregation, charity and “sport for everybody“, such as the Ginky Family Run, a joyful non-competitive race dedicated to the children, young people and families, which will develop on 2 kilometers in the center of the city. The participation fee, only for adults, will be donated to some voluntary associations in Florence.

Florence Marathon is also open to disabled athletes and free for them.

Organizers count to sell out all the entries available very soon… so sign up quickly!
For more information about the competition and other events in Florence, please visit

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