“Tuscany Feast” 2009. When the past teaches the progress

festa della Toscana 2009

Tuscany can boast of several records, especially one: this region was the first in the world to abolish the capital punishment. In fact on November 30th 1796, the enlightened Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo banished confiscation, torture and death penalty through a single law.

Since 2001, Tuscany has been celebrating this historical occurrence with an official feast, which even schedules a holiday for the schools of the ancient Grand Duchy and a program rich of events spread on all the regional area.

This initiative aims not only to remind and celebrate a defining moment of modern history, but in particular to reflect on the present and the future of the whole mankind. It’s important to notice, in fact, that the capital punishment is still applied in many countries in the world, and that Italian State is fighting for its abolition with an international moratorium at UN.

Hence this topic is a living matter, together with other related issues as democracy, peace, equality and justice all over the world.

Tuscany Feast so deals with values which are not only strictly related to death penalty, but also to other current problems, such as dialogue among different cultures and inclusion, sexual equality and deaths on-the-job. For this reason, during the event, congresses, lectures and official meetings are scheduled, to which many politicians, professors and famous journalists will take part.

In this view, special attention will be dedicated to the future of new generations, with a series of festivals, renowned awards (as the “Vespucci”) and contests in different fields dedicated to young people.

But Tuscany Feast is also culture and fun! More than 700 events are scheduled, such as photographic and painting exhibitions, books and DVDs presentations, live concerts, dance performances and festivals of cinema, historical parades, prestigious palaces open to visitors… and much more!

An all-accomplished cultural proposal, conceived in order to involve everybody in a event that, even if in a joyful atmosphere, looks at past to learn how to build a better future for humanity.

The events of Tuscany Feast begin already on November 25th and they continue in the following days; the main location is the “capital” Florence, but many shows are also on display in the cities of Versilia (Pisa, Lucca, Massa, Camaiore…), in Siena, Arezzo, Grosseto, Prato, Pistoia…and in all the little towns and villages of Tuscany.

The whole calendar is available on the official website of the Region, whereas for all the information about the most interesting cities and events in Tuscany, you can visit www.aboutflorence.com and www.aboutversilia.com

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