A famous artist of glass in Venice. Wonderful works on display

Luciano Gaspari and the GlassFor only few days will still be possible to enjoy the wonderful and legendary creations of one of the best Venetian master of glass art.
The exhibition “Luciano Gaspari and the Glass”, began in May, will be open until November 29th, in the Glass Museum of Murano, a fascinating little island of the Venetian lagoon, a sort of “homeland” of this material.

Luciano Gaspari (1913-2007), born in Venice into a family of decorators, entered the world of glass production during the 30s. It was a crucial moment for the glass department: traditional craftsmen were seeking to respond to changing times and tastes, renewing their way of working and focusing on design. Soon, they began to produce true masterpieces, and the idea that of glassworks as “individual works of art” began to make headway.

Gaspari was one of the protagonists of this evolution. He was able to combine his great technical skills in working glass, which gave him the possibility to exploit the potentialities of the material in the best way, and a prodigious fantasy, applied on forms and colours. Results are impressive: vases, bottles, plates and much more, all coloured and dashing, out-and-out sculptures!

He worked both at serial productions, primary for the Salviati & C. glassworks (company in which he was art director), and at individual works, now well-known and collected in the most prestigious museums of the world (such as Guggenheim in New York). The exhibition in Venice, organized by the Civic Museums Foundation of the city, gives the chance to admire more than 60 among his creations, for the first time pillory on display in a museum.

Venice will surprise you with really amazing glass creations!
Moreover, you can find other information about the next events in Venice on www.aboutvenice.org.

“Luciano Gaspari and the Glass”
Murano (Venice) – Glass Museum, Fondamenta Giustinian, 8
23 May 2009 – 24 November 2009
Opening hours: 10.00-17.00
Tickets: 5.00 / 3.00 euro

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