An Exhibition dedicated to the unconventional artist Jacque Villeglè in Rome

Until January 15th 2010, you have time to visit the wonderful retrospective dedicated to the artist Jacque Villeglè entitled “Vacanze Romane” (“Roman Holidays”), set by Dominique Stella at Mucciaccia Gallery in Rome.


In fact for the first time ever, since last October 8th visitors can marvel at 75 his works in the rooms of Mucciaccia Gallery: dècollages d’affiches dating back to 1960s ‘til nowadays which keep billboards, adverts and manifestos’ strength and use it in turn to make up and create his dècollages which cancel and remove the message and the communication strength of such adverts.


He angrily dismantles the catch phrases, the images and the subliminal messages, and in his own way he pieces them together by destroying the meaning and creating a brand new one.


Villeglè’s creations tell us about several topics, from music to politics, by gathering everything that means society and rèclame, making a collage of information. In his works, there’s the will and contradiction to strip the advert down and tear it to shreds, and subsequently to create a new one in a different upset way, through manipulation of the message which is quite deleted. The artist’s intent resides in fact in negation and contestation.


Five of his canvasses represent the most recent work of the artist, that is Segni Socio-Politici (“Socio-political traces”), a language through which he suggests an anarchist and poetic vision of the world. Such canvasses are linked to the wall which was created by the artist on last 10th October 2009 following the technique of Segni Socio-Politici at the Public Library Mèdiathèque Saint Louis de France.


The exhibition was finally completed with a catalogue edited by Shin edizioni, with texts by Dominique Stella and Laurence Bertrand Dorleac.


That’s a really interesting retrospective, I suggest you to go and visit Galleria Mucciaccia in Rome…you won’t regret it!


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Jacques Villeglè – “Vacanze Romane”
Mucciaccia Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art
Piazza d’Ara Coeli, 16 (historical centre) – 00186 Rome

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday
10.00 – 01.30 pm
3.30 pm – 07.30 pm
Free Admittance
Tel. +39 0669923801
Fax +39 0669200634

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