Epiphany 2010 in Italy…Events and Celebrations

The famous old lady called Befana and beloved by all Italian children is coming to Italy!

With her old tatty shoes, this funny and lovely old lady has always made children, teens and adults very happy, bringing sweets, candies and chocolates in her multicolored socks!

This year, you will have the chance to see the Befana and to celebrate her in several Italian cities and villages, which want to go on with traditions.

For instance, in Rome there will be the 25th edition of the beloved event “Viva la Befana” (“Long Live the Befana“), the traditional historic and folkloristic costumed parade which will bring to the capital many musical bands, folkloristic groups, in a historical commemoration with hundreds people who will parade following the Wise Men and the Befana along Via della Conciliazione.

In addition, in Borghetto Santo Spirito, a little village in the province of Savona (Region of Liguria), there will be a really funny event: the election of “Miss Befana 2010″, a contest where the winner will be the nicest and funniest Befana. An amusing catwalk with strange and fun Befanas who will entertain people in Piazza Madonna della Guardia from 3.00 pm on. And for the children, there will be many games, music and candies.

In Milan there are as well many appointments dedicated to Befana: in fact, on Wednesday 6th January from 2.30 pm there will be La Befana arriva al Barrio’s, a party full of games, music, shows and fun. Baby dance, creative workshops, balloons and the arrival of Befana with many sweets and candies. At 3.30 pm the Teatro dell’Erica presents Da dove viene la Befana?.(Where does Befana come from?).

And for an alternative Befana, on Wednesday 6th January from 2.30 to 3.00 pm, the Befana will immerse into the Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium with a black hat, a broom and fins.

In addition, in Urbania (in the province of Pesaro Urbino) from 2nd to 6th January the Festa Nazionale della Befana 2010 is scheduled (The Befana National Celebration 2010), with many appointments dedicated to the children and side events. Markets with sweets and candies, workshops, music and taste.

So, these and many more events in Italy to celebrate the Epiphany with the funny and lively old lady, who will bring sweets and fun to everyone!

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    wow, im from here and i can’t wait to come back!