Month: January 2010


padare of decorated coaches in sanremoAccording to a tradition, every year in Sanremo, the end of January is reserved for the fragrant floral paradeCorso Fiorito”.
The festival “bloomed” for the first time in 1904 in honor of the Goddess Flora and, since then, it started its annual edition with a brake from 1966 until 1980.
This attractive fusion of colors and scents sees every year over 60 000 visitors, not to mention those who watch it from their homes. Beside the wonderfully decorated coaches, the festival is accompanied by different music bands and folkloristic groups.


a project of michelangelo buonarrotiA special exhibition, opened on October 6th, 2009 and dedicated to the extraordinary work of Michelangelo Buonarroti as an architect, under the organization of Musei Capitolini in Rome is approaching to its end. For those who haven’t seen it and wanted to do so, the last day is February 7th, 2010. Beside the famous works in Florence, Siena, Bologna, Venice, the one made in Rome is considered to be among the most important.
Michelangelo had lived in Rome between 1505 and 1516, and afterwards from 1534 until his death in 1564, and during this forty-years long period the artist made numerous great projects, some of them realized, the others unfortunately remained on sheets of paper.
The exhibition is divided in 17 sections organized chronologically and it contains 105 works that remained to testify about the extraordinary inventions of Michelangelo.

OTTO HOFMANN. The poetics of Bauhaus

otto hofmann and poetics of bauhausIn 2009 the Bauhaus celebrated its 90th anniversary of existence. For this occasion, the Palazzo Ducale of Genoa hosts, from October 2009 until February 14th, 2010, a retrospective exhibition of one of the most important artists from this school: Otto Hofmann.
The exhibition shows us a wide historic path of life of the artist through his work which definently left its mark on the vanguard of the XX century.
Otto Hofmann tells a story of a difficult life, in a very turbulent period which started in the thirties of the XX century, during his stay at the Bauhaus of Dessau. The story continues through years of the Nazi domination and censorship when a lot of his work was confiscated and accused as degenerated art. Then follows the time of the full immersion in the War and the imprisonment in Russia. A precious collection of watercolor paintings shows us the artist’s feelings and state of mind, horrified by the chaos that was spread all over the Europe.

Discover the new tourist guide About Liguria

Web Marketing Team Staff is proud to present its new creation, the brand new website “About Liguria“.

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Ever you ever been in Liguria?

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FORBIDDEN NOT TO TOUCH. Children in touch with Bruno Munari

Forbidden not to touch. Exhibition for children organized by Triennale di Milano 2009/2010In the occasion for the famous Milan event Triennale di Milano we have the opportunity to visit the playful exhibition organized especially for the young ones.
MUBA, in cooperation with ABM (Bruno Munari Association) and Edizioni Corraini has combined the impressive work of the artist Bruno Munari dedicated to children and arranged it as a special game concentrated on sensibility, curiosity and interest of youngsters at the age of 2 through 6.
The surroundings, full of colors and different forms, organized to involve, wake up curiosity and enable participation of the little visitors, is an excellent occasion to amuse and connect children from nursery and primary school among them and with the work of Bruno Munari.
Hurry up if you’re interested, there are only few days left! The exhibition lasts until January 24th, 2010.

Opening hours are fixed and the number of visitors is limited.
Tuesday to Friday at 17:00
On Saturday, Sunday and school holidays: 10:30; 12:00; 14:30; 16:00; 17:30
-Children €8
-Adults €5
-Schools and groups €6
Where: Triennale di Milano

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