OTTO HOFMANN. The poetics of Bauhaus

otto hofmann and poetics of bauhausIn 2009 the Bauhaus celebrated its 90th anniversary of existence. For this occasion, the Palazzo Ducale of Genoa hosts, from October 2009 until February 14th, 2010, a retrospective exhibition of one of the most important artists from this school: Otto Hofmann.
The exhibition shows us a wide historic path of life of the artist through his work which definently left its mark on the vanguard of the XX century.
Otto Hofmann tells a story of a difficult life, in a very turbulent period which started in the thirties of the XX century, during his stay at the Bauhaus of Dessau. The story continues through years of the Nazi domination and censorship when a lot of his work was confiscated and accused as degenerated art. Then follows the time of the full immersion in the War and the imprisonment in Russia. A precious collection of watercolor paintings shows us the artist’s feelings and state of mind, horrified by the chaos that was spread all over the Europe.
The exhibition includes also the work from the period immediate after the World War, a time not less suffering and characterized by the increasing political diversities.
The time when the artists was moving a lot from the Oriental Germany to the West Berlin, from Paris to Canton Ticino, is represented by a set of drawings and paintings.
The story about Hofmann’s life finishes with his last twenty years spent in Italy, at the Ligurian Riviera, among the splendid landscapes and fascinating nature which symbolize the final calmness and peacefulness after a long period of turbulence.
Beside the exhaustive work of Otto Hofmann, the exhibition is fulfilled with fifty original photographs of some great names from the Bauhaus school ( Florence Henri, Moholy-Nagy, Lucia Moholy, Walter Peterhans, Lux Feininger, etc..).
The exhibition is considered very important because it finally reunites, thanks to various private and public, national and international collections, the rich work of this artist which was lost during the difficult years of the War.

For those who would like to discover some more about the life and story of the Bauhaus, please visit the website

Palazzo Ducale, the Dodge’s apartment
Piazza Matteotti 9

from October 16th, 2009 until February 14th, 2010
Tuesday – Sunday from 9:00 to 19:00
closed on Mondays

full price €8
reduced price €6
schools €3
on Wednesdays the ticket costs only €3

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