padare of decorated coaches in sanremoAccording to a tradition, every year in Sanremo, the end of January is reserved for the fragrant floral paradeCorso Fiorito”.
The festival “bloomed” for the first time in 1904 in honor of the Goddess Flora and, since then, it started its annual edition with a brake from 1966 until 1980.
This attractive fusion of colors and scents sees every year over 60 000 visitors, not to mention those who watch it from their homes. Beside the wonderfully decorated coaches, the festival is accompanied by different music bands and folkloristic groups.
The theme for the decoration of coaches changes every year. This year’s topic for the municipalities in competition is “The Great Performers of the Festival“. At the end of the parade, the winner is being chosen. The municipality of Sanremo, as always, is not in competition.
If you’re gonna be somewhere near Sanremo on January 31st, drop by and see the show.

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    There are lots of reason why it we love to visit Italy, the culture, the art and tradition, the foods, and of course their famous festival, in Sanremo, the fragrant fkloral parade. This was a century old festival, actually hailed as a tradition that was celebrate yearly in the honor of flora the goddess of flower.